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Our goal is an ACT that protects life from conception to natural death.

The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Right to Life Association Inc. is a non-denominational, non-party political, voluntary community organisation established in 1972 to support the right to life of every human being from conception to natural death.


The Association is based in Canberra, Australia's Capital City.

Providing  Information 
Offering Support 

 Working   with Partners

Campaigning   Passionately

Mother and Baby

We support women who
experience unplanned pregnancies.

During an unplanned pregnancy, it is not always easy to think through all your options thoroughly. Many feel there is some sort of time pressure to make a decision. At ACT Right to Life, we can point you in the direction of necessary resources to support you during this time.

Clients &


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We advocate for your right to a natural death.

Euthanasia interferes with the right to die naturally and does not give us the freedom to live our last days naturally. At ACT Right to Life, we support you in your decision to choose a natural death, surrounded by loved ones and feeling valued as a person.

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