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Objects of the Association

The Association shall be non-denominational, non-party political, with the following objects:

  1. To fight against abortion in all lawful ways

  2. To give aid to pregnant mothers in distress

  3. To provide an organisational structure for collective citizen action to maintain the right to life of every human being from the moment of conception.

  4. To develop and carry out for this purpose an educational program directed towards legislators who make public policy, towards opinion leaders who affect the making of public policy, and towards the general public which affects both groups.

  5. To support, publicise, and where necessary initiate programs of social action directed towards the alleviation of all medical, social and economic conditions which might lead to the denial of any human being’s right to life.

  6. To act as a vehicle for persuasive programs of political action designed to focus law makers’ attention on the true issues at stake whenever an effort is made to change existing laws which defend the right to life.

  7. To do all such other things as may be necessary or conducive to the achievement of the above Objects.

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